Penzión Margaréta

Water mill Kolárovo

The water mill is located in a natural area on a peninsula formed by the Váh and Little Danube Rivers, about 500 meters from the center of Kolárovo. An 86-meter long wooden bridge, the longest in Europe entirely constructed of wood, leads to the mill grounds. 

 The peninsula also has the remnants of fortifications from the Castle of Peace, dating from the time of the Ottoman wars, whose ramparts have been preserved to this day.  The water mill itself is a functioning replica of the original water mill from Radvaň nad Dunajom and documents the unique tradition of water mills that were used to grind corn and grain. 

The water mills in Slovakia were handed down from the Balkans, where they have been used since before Byzantine times. 

Floating mills were always anchored in places with the strongest currents, which are used to drive the mill wheels. As a result, these mills were not dependent on changes in the river's water level. The area by the water mill also includes an outdoor museum of folk culture and a system of information tables that focus on the floodplain forest ecosystem. 

A number of ecologically-oriented and educational projects, intended for visitors as well as children and youth, take place on the grounds. The water mill and grounds are open throughout the year.