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Topoľčianky - manor hause and castle

The village of Topoľčianky, which is located north of the western Slovak town of Zlaté Moravce at the foothill of the Tribeč Mountains, boasts an extensive English garden, which features a picturesque Classicist-style manor house that forms the southern wing of an old castle.

The area originally featured a Gothic-style water castle and later a Renaissance fortress. In the past, the castle was used as a summer residence of the Habsburg royal house. After WWI, it also served as a summer residence of Czechoslovak presidents. It was at that time that the castle's three Renaissance-style wings underwent their latest thorough reconstruction. The Classicist tract was gradually turned into a museum. Today visitors can admire the library with more than 14,000 volumes, one of the few fully conserved Castle libraries in Slovakia.