Penzión Margaréta


Komárno and its surroundings are an ideal place to spend a pleasant weekend. The first spring days are ideal for exploring places. When the sun is shining already, but still not warm, comes the most appropriate period for a walk in history and culture of this border town.

 In Komárno, there are many beautiful corners. This city with rich history hides many cultural and historical monuments that are definitely worth a visit. In addition, it lives in Komárno and intense cultural and social life, so you certainly have every visitor to find their "right choice".

Courtyard of Europe, however, is far from the only attraction for tourists. Komárno boasts many witnesses, important buildings, or an interesting bridge over the Danube river border. Among the interesting sights of the city include the Trinitarian column in the square opposite the town hall, which gave to build in 1715 to commemorate the victims of the plague which raged in Komárno in 1710 till the 1711th Even the city hall building itself is very interesting. Komárno is also famous for its very well condition and unique fortification system, which is one of the most important complex in the Slovak Republic.