Penzión Margaréta

Bratislava castle

This majestic castle is towering on a rocky spur of the Male Carpathy massif, 85 metres above the level of the river Danube forming panorama of Slovak capital city. Its history comes back to the time of Celts and Romans. 

The castle hill was an important place especially for the fact it was on the crossroads of important business routes, it was protected by the massive river from one side and by deep forests of the Male Carpathy from the other. A person, who built the fortification, knew how important the crossing over the river was and he was the whole area owner. 

The architecture of the castle is mainly affected by amendments and reconstructions in Gothic and Renaissance periods and during Maria Teresa reign. Since the 16th century when Bratislava had become Hungarian coronation city for 200 years, the castle was the residence of the king, Hungarian parliament used to have meeting there and the coronation jewels of Hungarian kings were placed in the coronation tower.