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Győr - mesto neobmedzených možností

Győr, this mellow and colourful town is situated half way between Vienna and Budapest, and hosts a vast array of architectural, cultural and natural treasures.

The radial road network of the settlement connects Slovakia from the north, Austria from the west, Lake Balaton from the south and Budapest from the east to the town, the heart of Kisalföld (" The Small Plains"). The Győr-Pér airport opened not long ago makes the town accessible by air as well.

Győr, Hungary's second richest town in historic buildings outside Budapest has won Europe-award for the protection of the historic buildings, in acknowledgment of the reconstruction of the Baroque centre of the town. Churches, palaces, museums, characteristic corner-balconies and narrow lanes, all reminders of a historic past, invite visitors to take a walk in the centre of the town. 

Nature embraces and weaves through Győr along the rivers. The medicinal waters, the landscape and the cultural-historical treasures of the environment: the Szigetköz water-land and the Pannonhalma Hills allure people who want to have a rest or relaxation.

The Rába-Quelle Bath, the bath of meetings has been recently opened in the city of meetings. Through its services it creates additional excellent opportunities for an active holiday, for recovery or relaxation.

Győr medicinal waters are highly recommended for those suffering from detritional bone and joint diseases and chronic inflammatory joint and muscle disorder. The water of a temperature of 67 C° and flushing out of three thermal wells of 2000 metres depth was qualified as medicinal water in 1978.

Xantus János ZOO - 1967. opened its doors on May 1 of the new park, whose main purpose is still the home, was the presentation of native animals. Exotic animals, livestock, however, also expanded.