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Gabčíkovo Hydroelectric Dam

Gabčíkovo - Nagymaros Dams is a large barrage project on river Danube. Only a part of the project has been finished - under the name Gabčíkovo Dam/Waterworks. The project, involving Hungary and Czechoslovakia, was agreed on 1977.  The treaty envisioned a cross-border barrage system between the towns Gabčíkovo, Czechoslovakia and Nagymaros, Hungary.

But in May 1992 Hungary terminated the treaty from 1977. Czechoslovakian government decided to switch to an alternative solution on smaller scale (known as "Variant C"). The artificial canal would be started at Čunovo, a village in Slovakia, and the Gabčíkovo power-plant would operate in run-of-the-river mode with no water level fluctuation.

The main aim was to divert part of the river into artificial canal to the hydroelectric power plant near Gabčíkovo, to provide clean source of electric power /it provides 8% of the total annual energy of the Slovak Republic/, to eliminate regular flooding and they have tried to take advantages in the damn for recreation and tourism.

The Water Sports Resort in Čunovo is 20 km away from the centre of Bratislava. Its amenities comply with the international criteria of top quality and it is apt for races at the European and world levels. The resort offers training options both for top water slalom sportsmen and rafting and for amateurs. 

Besides water sports the resort offers you the possibility to try various adrenaline activities, such as hydrospeed, water scooters or paintball. There is an off-road track 1 km from the resort, where visitors can take a ride on buggies or four-wheelers. Right from this resort you can start a float trip in the old river-basin of the Danube - Bodické ramená river branches.