Penzión Margaréta

Thermal swimming pool Komárno

The thermal swimming pool has two active springs with a water temperature of 42°C and 30°C. Thermal water contains minerals that are very beneficial to the articular, rheumatic and gynecological diseases. In the summer part of the swimming pool there is a swimming and training Castiglione pool. 

The other attractions for visitors and holidaymakers are sitting pool with thermal water, as well as pool for children. The pool complex has large beach areas, playground for beach volleyball, tables for outdoor table tennis, climbing frames and sandpit for kids and a little wooden train for the smallest children. 

Year-round pool with mobile umbrella structure features attractions such as air beds, stainless waterfalls, intense hydro massages and hydro massages with intake of air. The reception building of the thermal pool has a Finnish sauna with cooling pool and indoor sitting pool with thermal water.